Love on Earth Day

I get four of these random quotes, most ironic or sarcastic, or humorous (“there is no humor without pain”), a few true gems. This is humorous, and not a ‘gem’, I think.

Matt Groenwald’s explanation of love seems cynical. “Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly it flips over, pinning you underneath. At night, the ice weasels come.”


I am coming to view the difference between a long term relationship and a marriage/handfasting, as one of identity, and community. For the most part, one’s role in the community, one’s identity, changes when you partake of that community event, where the community is presented with a new entity, a family — a couple. That it is the community interaction that redefines who the community sees, as that individual vows to honor community standards and responsibilities. Most wider communities have different responsibilities and opportunities for those formally invested as “family member” than as individuals. Yes, there are some informal communities of individuals. Communities that include the “informal” economy not measured in cash, though, such as neighbors, parents, spouses, schools (non-tuition), grandparents, gardens, play, etc. are made of families, for the most part. Single parenthood is a fringe participation role, as the parent bond is recognized as family, yet the spouse bond isn’t there.

One of the single most common correlations in divorce seems to be living next door to a single adult, thus community wariness of adults that haven’t formally invested in community recognition of bonds to family. Singles are an indirect risk to family stability of the community around them.

While Cosmo focuses on commitment as intent and investment between individuals, I think the relevant aspect of marriage and forming a shared life is the combined dedication of a couple to their community and commitment to form a family.

Enjoy Earth Day!

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